Monday 11 February 2013

Challenge updates

 I have read my way through all 12 of the Sookie Stackhouse books! Number 13 isn't out till May so I am moving onto my next book series which is the wonderful Sharpe Saga. I have just 78 books left to read to complete the challenge.

I watched the movie 12 Angry Men (6/250) finally. I managed to sneak it in during a nap time for the girlies. I have to say I am blown away by this movie! No fancy effects, no snazzy angles and shots, just stunning writing and perfect acting. I went in thinking it wouldn't be anything special and I loved it. Don't you just love being wrong about things sometimes.
 Highly highly recommended!

The next movie on the list is Schindler's List. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Ralph Fiennes in something with a nose!

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  1. I LOVE 12 angry men - especially when it is cold and snowy outside- it always makes me feel warm!!


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