Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday sales and update.

White EWM top 20p - 2 WF DVD's £1.50 - Molten Brown gift set £1

A few little bargains from the community centres table top sale. Apparently they have one quite regularly. The top is a welcome addition to my dwindling collection. The DVD's will give OH and I much entertainment as we love anything WF and Molten Brown for £1 is incredible! I have always wanted to try it.
My parents gave me this wonderful wooden jewelry box a few days ago. I used to belong to my Aunts Mother who sadly passed away a few years ago. I came with some costume jewelry which I have kept a few pieces of. The rest was donated to a local charity before it could become clutter. I'm currently using it for my current quilting project as the little compartments are perfect.
I also recently picked up this stunning Laura Ashley dress for just £1 in a Cancer research shop. It is perfect and wonderful, I felt so glamorous and special when I tried it on. I'm hoping to keep hold of it and wear for my wedding in September.

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