Saturday 23 July 2022

A quiet start


We've spent the first few days of the holidays quietly at home. DD1 is spending the weekend with the in-laws on a mini holiday so I've just got 4 to entertain for now.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked if we would like some fridge bits as she was going on holiday and didn't want to waste anything. She gave us a bag of all sorts of things including a packet of bacon medallions. This morning we made cheese and bacon turnovers together. We tried to make puff pastry but it doesn't seem to have worked. In fact the pastry seems even flatter and more dense than my usual attempts 😂 

We also moved this beautiful but very solid and heavy writing desk from its resting place in the kitchen to the front entrance way. It looks so much nicer than the plastic drawers we had there before. 
We found the desk on the school run. It was on someone's driveway with a free sign attached the top. DH picked it up on his way home in the car that evening and i crossed my fingers and toes that someone else didn't take it first.

One of my aims over the holidays is to encourage the children away from screens for entertainment. So I've pulled out our old Beetle game and taught the children how to play, as well as a few decks of cards to play pairs and patience.

Tomorrow we are off to a local festival which I'm looking quite forward to do. They have a display each year by a local trope of lion dancers and they are so amazing to watch.



  1. That desk looks lovely! And so does the pastry even if it doesn't look like it's supposed to!

  2. That is a lovely desk. It has character. xx

  3. I had never heard of the Beetle game, but we tried it out and it was fun. Thanks for mentioning it.

  4. Many many years ago we had Beetle Drives as fund raisers for the Scout group. Tables of 4 and the winner on each table moved round to the next table. It was played at a rapid pace - great fun - wonder if it's still done anywhere.
    Have a good day

  5. Delia Smith's complete cookery course has a recipe for quick flaky pastry. I don't make it now but used to use it a lot and it always turned out well. I'm sure your turnovers tasted fine. Yes good to get them away from screens.

  6. Good for you on trying to keep your children off screens! There are SO many better, fun things to do. And they get to use their imagination, too : )


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