Sunday, 28 November 2021



 We attended a lovely 1st birthday party today. It was full of balloons, cake, party games and little paper cups of neon coloured fizzy drinks. We all got to forget the news reports for a few hours and just enjoy good company. The father of the birthday girl took a beautiful photograph of us all together. It's been too long since we had a group photo. Haven't they all grown since the last one? 

 Under the smiles though I'm struggling a bit. I'm feeling quite angry to be honest. I'm angry that tomorrow will be filled with emails cancelling school Christmas events that we were looking forward too. I'm angry that the coming days and weeks will be spent constantly checking for the latest news announcements. I'm angry my youngest may loose her first proper Christmas after last years non-event. 

 I understand why of course and I accept that that is just the way things might have to be, but I don't have to like it. Instead I will spend my next few evenings making a fresh batch of facemasks while chewing on my lip nervously waiting for news alerts. I will try and get as many Christmas errands run as possible before the world possibly gets paused again. I will plaster a happy smile over my face and tell the children "we'll do it next year" or "next year's will be twice a big to make up for it" and hope that's true.

 And I will make the best of it because that is what us Mother's and Wives do. 





  1. That's a lovely photo and it's great to see you posting again. It is so disappointing for families that life is still so restricted.

  2. What a lovely photo of your family - they certainly grow so quickly.
    Lets all hope Christmas will be the best possible

  3. I so hear you ! It's a very difficult time we are living through.

  4. What a great photo of your family. Sadly we have to make Christmas and other times as special as possible. Good to read a post from you again.

  5. lovely photo, fingers crossed things won't be as bad as last year, i'm also glad you're posting again x

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  7. It's lovely to see a picture of you all - time has gone so quickly! I love reading your blog posts. X


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