Saturday 28 May 2011


Last night OH and I went out to the circus in Southsea. I still had my camera in my bag from the day before, so while we waited for the show to begin we snapped a few shots of Southsea.
Above is the war memorial on Southsea common. It is sooooooo beautiful and completely huge!!! Well worth a quick look if you are in the area.
A closer view of the very top. So beautiful.
This is the view of the big top from the other side of the common, we parked this side because it was free. Along with the free circus tickets and the 2 cans of Diet Coke we treated our selves to this night out cost us about £1 plus a little bit of petrol.
Today me and my lovely friend Cass went to the Havant Go Green Fair. It was really interesting and I had so many lovely informative chats with some of the stall holders. The photo above is of one of the entertainers, it isn't the best photo ever I'm afraid but he was absolutely brilliant :)

This was the view from one end of the Fair. As you can see there was plenty of stall to look at and lots of delicious local produce to sample, and a couple on a stall of coppice crafts showing how they made various things. I have a huge bag of freebies and leaflets to go through, but I'm going to wait till to tomorrow when I'm not so tired out lol.
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