Wednesday 25 May 2011

Today's bargins

As some of you may know I volunteer a few hours each week in my church's charity shop. One of the perks of helping out is having first pickings over all the goodies that are kindle donated. And today was no exception. All of these have been added to my holiday stuff stash except the castanets which DD is happily playing with as I post. Once she's lost interest I will add them to her music/noisy toys box.
At this time of year the charity shop is always packed to the rafters with donations coming in thick and fast as people spring clean and decide to revamp their decor and wardrobes. In the current economic climate its wonderful to see how many people still bear in mind those worse off than themselves and continue to donate to charity.

Peacock Fan - FREE (due to slight damage)
Travel size body lotion - 10p
Travel size Bath Soak - 10p
A pair of Castanets (half pictured)- 20p
Beautiful Paisley Dress - 50p (Due to slight mark which came out in the wash)
(Not Pictured) Infant Swim Seat - 50p
Total - £1.50p

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