Sunday, 29 May 2011

Yesterday Haul

I've been having a look today at all the lovely leaflets and things I was given at the Havant Go Green thing yesterday. Here is a few highlights;

  • Lot of information about Staunton Country Park - we are planning a trip there tomorrow with a picnic to investigate.
  • 8 yummy recipe cards ranging from pickled onions to sloe gin
  • A "Fun with fungi" booklet, full of fascinating info. I've always been tempted to forage for mushrooms but not sure if I have the confidence to try.
  • A huge magnet for my fridge that lists what can and can't be added to the recycling bin
  • A leaflet about a community quilt which is being put together by the Havant Transition Network. (Super interested in this one)
  • Wikaniko catalogue. They are an eco friendly/ethical home shopping company
  • A local map showing cycle routes in Havant and local area. Really useful!!!
  • Lots a water saving info leaflets and a shower timer.
  • Stickers and a really cute dormouse poster from the woodlands trust
I've really enjoyed reading through it all and learning about my local area. The best thing of the lot though is definitely the map which I will be tucking into my handbag :)

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