Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Back to routine.

Apologies for my lack of posting yesterday, first day back at school is always hectic. 
DD was a little bit tearful yesterday morning but soon distracted with the important job of handing out her birthday invites. Fingers crossed we get some RSVPs shortly.
DD was in a gorgeous mood all day and just kept getting cuter and cuter all day. She dropped her juice when we were in the car and told us it was "goned f'ever" complete with pouty face and crossed arms.
 Hubby had his last day off work, and spent the morning pottering about getting his uniform for work organised and cutting his hair.
  I have successfully swapped some wool through Facebook and am making DD a knitted bag for her birthday. I'm hoping to have enough left over to make a little matching purse and tissue holder.
 Baby Random was checked out by the midwife and is still happy and behaving in my tummy. I however have failed my third attempt at a blood test and been referred to the hospital for the next attempt. No one is sure quite what I run on but the general consensus is that it isn't blood!

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  1. oh dear me. You should ask them to use a child's needle, as that is the way they get blood out of me. My veins are terrible and it's a nightmare when they have to draw blood. Cute photo of your dh and younger daughter.

  2. Good luck with the blood donation lol. I gave a sample yesterday and it was done beautifully.


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