Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's been a long 48 hours

On Monday  we decided to visit a local zoo but unfortunately it decided to  rain cats and dogs from the moment we bought our tickets. We spent the next four hours scurrying from animal house to animal house. If there wasn't somewhere to shelter we ignored that animal and moved on to the  next. The hothouse was particularly plesent to visit, we popped in whenever we got to cold. 
All four of us were cold, wet and miserable by home time. That evening the coughs and sniffles began :(
Poor D seems to have come off worse, she's  still not the strongest health wise from her illness last year. Last night she woke up in bed and frightened us by acting oddly (a major thing we've been warned to watch for) and very feverish. We skipped calling NHS direct and Hubby popped her up to A&e. 
They think it's just a virus and recommended fluids and calpol I'm  also boosting up the families fruit and veg  intake so we all boost up on vitimins to keep us healthy. It's been one bug after the other since Christmas. And I am determined to fight us back to good health. 
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  1. Look after yourselves. What a rotten end to a day out.

  2. Shame about the weather, at least you made the best of it. Hope the little ones recovers soon x


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