Friday, 27 February 2015

Thank you Froogs!!!

A rather exciting and colourful parcel arrived at my door this afternoon.
It was packed with love and care and colour for Baby Random.

Just look at those gorgeous patterns and colours!
The entire thing demands snuggly cuddles and tummy time on the floor surrounded by rattles and baby toys.

Even the reverse is beautiful!
Froogs, thank you so much for sharing your quilting talents with us once again
You are truly fabulous and the Random's love you!

Xx X 


  1. That is truly lovely. I'd seen it on Froogs's site and had wondered where it would be going so it's good to know.

  2. I looked at the quilt on Froogs blog, and thought "somebody is going to be truly blessed by that gift" - and I am so glad it is YOU dear friend - you truly deserve it for all the joy you bring through YOUR blog xx

  3. Typical thoughtful gift from one of my favourite bloggers!


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