Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Super 6 challenge

Each fortnight on a Thursday after knitting club, I visit my local Aldi to check out the newest Super six offers. Today there was beetroot, celery, broccoli, aubergine, lettuce and chillies  for 39p each.
 Normally I would only buy the celery and broccoli from this selection but I am determined to expand my food horizons and get some extra vitamins into this family after our winter full of illness.
The only thing I didn't buy were the Chillies, we aren't spicy food fans and I have some homegrown dried ones in stock.

I have, however, never knowingly eaten aubergine  (or eggplant for my stateside readers). 
I don't really know much about them at all, but a quick Google search has found This recipe
I think Aubergine pizza should be an easy one to tempt the kids to eat, hubby will just have to be a big brave boy and try it.
I am hoping to give it a go tomorrow or Saturday depending on tiredness levels from the first week back at school.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

X x x


  1. I just saw this and thought what a great idea this is. Wish we had this over in Canada. Good prices on all the things.

  2. just rang my mam to tell her about this!!! She laughed at me, as here I am calling from Canada to tell her what's on sale in the local grocery store....

    1. It's a great deal isn't it? And has that lovely air of mystery about it each time they change. Last time everything was 69p and I picked up lots of leeks (3pack) for the freezer and garden x x

  3. I love Aldi's Super six promotions, I think a small trip there will be in order at the weekend x

  4. I love aubergine, I slice a whole one and use it in my homemade moussaka :)
    Aldi's SuperSix are great, its my shopping day tomorrow and I was actually wondering what it was as I will plan a few meals around these bargains

  5. Another way to use aubergine is in moussaka, this is also easy to make. It's basically minced lamb/beef layered with slices of aubergine with a white sauce poured over it, A bit like lasagna, but using aubergine instead of pasta.


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