Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DD's learning basket

Things haven't really changed here but I did get a lovely night sleep.  Plus the added bonus of a little lie in thanks to a kind hubby. With my new found energy I decided to put together a little basket of homeschooling bits for DD.
The yellow cards come from Dd's school who are fabulous at sharing resources with anyone who wants to co educate from home. The white cards we spotted in the pound shop. One pack covers phonics and the other basic sight words. 
I've invested in a hole punch and put each set on a keyring to avoid loosing any. Imagine not being able to recognise the letter k because you lost the card lol.

I've also popped in a few first reading books, a wipe clean writting book,  a notebook for practising in and a pack of foam dominoes. For every task she tries from the basket DD gets a sticker on her chart and of course a nice reward once it's filled up.
I'm hoping it will give her a little boost with her reading and writing over the next few weeks.
It's given me a little boost to, always a nice feeling to complete a little project. 

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  1. I can't quite see on the picture what you have used- but you might find 'binding rings' easier than a keyring for holding cards together. Rymans sell them in packs of 40 for £4.99.

  2. I think I can spy a what I call a 'Peter and Jane' book there in the basket :)
    I grew up learning to read them books as my Primary school used them.
    Whenever I come across one in a charity shop, I just have to buy if only for the lovely memories of them! :)


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