Friday 10 August 2012

Back with a Giveaway not a bang.

  I am officially back in Blogging land today thanks to a speedy repair of my netbook and Internet connection.
 I can't wait to read through everyone's adventures and catch up with all of your goings on. Things have been pretty quiet here at the Frugal Handmade Home as we are rapidly approaching due date for the bump.

  I am astounded to announce that I am (at time of this post) on an amazing 10577 views! So as a big thank you to everyone who has ever visited, commented or linked to me, I am holding a cupcake giveaway. Everything in the above photo will be posted to one lucky person who comments on this post by Tuesday morning.  The goodies include a notebook, pen, rubbers and pencil set all in glorious cupcake colours. Good Luck everyone :)
And here is a sneak peak of one of the things I have been up to with all this free time I've discovered away from the Internet. I will be posting about the finished article very soon.

x x x


  1. You made me smile with the word "rubbers". I know they are used to rub out pencil writing but where I live it's the slang term for condoms.

    So cupcake decorated condoms all around!

    You're also braver than me for attempting that style of knitting!

  2. Glad to see your back and the knitting looks great! x

  3. Glad to see you back online,I'm chuckling at the cupcake condom comment :)

  4. teehee about the rubbers [in some places 'rubbers' means wellington boots!] Utterly astounded by the fab knitting!

    blessings to you and Bump!

  5. Having been away working and without my Tablet (it died and noone can get it working again)I'm enjoying catching up on favourite blogs thatI've been missing!

  6. Having ben away working and without my Tablet (she has died and noone can work out why) it's a great delight to be catching up on blogs thatI've missed...including yours.


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