Monday 13 August 2012

Aren't Uncles great?

  Last weekend while we still having our Internet and netbook issues my brother very kindly offered to take DD out for day. He arranged to go to our favourite zoo with a friend of his and another little girl she knew. We sent her off with her buggy and a backpack full of a yummy packed lunch and supplies. He also borrowed the camera and caught some lovely snaps of DD while she was off adventuring.
I love the expression on her face in this one, she looks amazed and awed.
Nothing like acting like a mature adult is their Uncle lol.
A quick stop for lunch on a sunny picnic bench.
 This photo of the two of them together is fantastic. I have put it straight onto the digi photo frame.
And the proof of a busy day out. She slept like a log when she got home, saying that so did poor old Uncle who has declared it the most tiring thing he has ever ever done. And he ran a 10k race last year!

x x x

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  1. Brave uncle to take charge of a toddler for the day LOL :)


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