Friday 31 August 2012


 I've had a quiet one today, the most exciting thing I've achieved is to whip up a stash of flapjacks for OH.
I used this recipe from British recipes and was surprised to learn they are actually pretty good for you. So naturally I ruined that by adding a blob of chocolate on each one from some old chocolate coins no one had eaten from Christmas last year.
 It's kept DD amused and away from upsetting Baby D, and made OH rather happy as flapjacks are a particular favourite of his.
 At only three ingredients to make a basic batch they are rather a frugal nummy treat.
 Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow and blog something nicer lol

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  1. Recipe please! My flapjacks are a hit in this house too but i use more than 3 ingredients lol. Hope the new baby has settled in well for you, Congratulations xx



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