Wednesday 29 August 2012

How many????

 As many of you know I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to taking photos. So I was super pleased to capture this shot of OH, DD and Baby D having some cuddles and kisses on the sofa together. DD is starting to find Baby D less novel as time goes on so the little one is getting some peace at last. DD is a very very attentive big sister.
I've noticed on several of the blogs I follow that folks are all about decluttering at the moment. Well you guys have inspired me to work through some rooms bit by bit and get things in better shape. I'm still very much in recovery so it will small tasks to start with, and up first is the back of our bedroom door.
 This is where I have discovered that I own 4, yes 4 dressing gowns!!! I had completely forgotten about 2 of them lol.
 * The white fleece one was a present for my last birthday and is my usual everyday dressing gown. This one will be staying.
* The pink towelling dressing gown is from when I had DD and wanted a "disposable" gown for the hospital. It has a few stains and marks so I wouldn't want to donate it, but I'm wondering if I can cut it up or use it for some crafty endeavour. Any ideas?
* Moo cow fleece dressing gown. Another present but can't remember when and why, it's lovely a soft with a really snuggly hood but it's very very short. Mini skirt short! I feel very exposed when I am wearing it and as such have barely ever used it. This one is headed for the donation bin or the craft pile with the pink one if I can find something to do with them.
* Silky summer dressing gown. This was a bargain from a local charity shop last summer when I was looking for a light gown for hot summer evenings. Although this year hasn't brought it into use much I will be stashing it with some summer dresses i the vague hope that next year is warmer.

 So my collection of dressing gowns will be halved in short order. Only the white one will be returning to the back of the door to live with OH's grey version. And I have some googling to do to try and find a use for the other two. If you have any ideas or links please feel free to pop me a comment  :)

x x x


  1. Pink towelling one - how about making a large bib for D#2 - like this
    or a towel with a triangle corner hood
    or just lots of small bibs
    the Moo Fleece fabric would make a lovely dressing up cow outfit for D#1 [simple tabard, and then a separate bonnet-hood with ears] try here

    blessings xx [ps did you get my email?]

  2. Hi if you send one or both of the dressing gowns to me, I will up-cycle them into bibs for baby D. FMxx

  3. Another suggestion for the fleecy cow dressing gown is on this blog post ( Scroll down to where Milly talks about making a taggy with a fleecy material. Maybe Baby D would like that?


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