Sunday 31 January 2021

Sunday Shenanigans

We were given a large bunch of banana's this morning via Olio.

The three squishiest were quickly snapped up by DD1 who made a delicious tray of banana cupcakes. They were decorated with homemade buttercream, mini eggs and rainbow drops. 

DD1's baking skills are starting to become  legendary.

 Once I was allowed back into my own kitchen again I made a quick batch of pickled radishes for the fridge. I'm looking forward to munching on them once they have had a day or two of pickling.

I haven't made these in quite a while so it will be a lovely treat.


My current knitting project is a little caridgan pattern I found on Pinterest. However now I've gotten to the sleeves it looks like it might be 3-6 size rather than 6-9. How annoying!

X x X


  1. my sister in law rang me to tell me that she was helping out her daughter in law with home schooling 2 days a week while she worked. She is exhausted and going round in circles, it reminded me of you when you all reached breaking point the other day. I do hope all the kids can soon go back to proper school soon for everyone's sanity.
    Love that batch of cakes, you are doing such a brilliant job with your lovely family.

  2. Lovely cakes, well done to your eldest. My girls enjoy baking but sometimes I have to reign it in as I always seem to get left with most of the clearing up!


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