Friday 1 January 2021

Olio food goodies

 Thanks to Baby C deciding to 'decorate' both herself and me in the early hours of New Years day, I was up bright and early this morning.
It meant I could snaffle some early goodies on the food sharing app OLIO. There is a lady within walking distance who distributes free unsold food from local supermarkets.
Today we recieved everything in the photograph above.

* rocket chillis
* cheese twists
* croissants 
* cinnamon swirls
* 6x soft brown rolls
*4x petit pain
6x crusty white rolls
1x humous
1x cornbread

We ate the pastries for brunch between us as they really are best eaten asap. 
The petit pain were turned into garlic bread and served with our dinner of spaghetti bolognese. The humous is about to be eaten with some tortilla chips this evening in front of some lazy evening television. 

I found a recipe on Pinterest to quick pickle most of the chillis as it was a huge bag. I tried a tiny piece of one raw and found them to be quite mild so I'll soon have them used up.
This leaves only the bread rolls and cornbread to use tomorrow. Sadly the bacon stash is empty at the moment or a round of bacon rolls would have cleared them out nicely. I do however have some tins of tuna so I may try tuna mayo rolls instead. 
The corn bread I'm undecided on.
How would you use it ?

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  1. Good for you to get all those goodies.
    When I think of cornbread, I think of chili. Or beans and rice.

  2. Chili or a thick tomato and bean soup was my first thought too. Most cornbread I've made has gone quite stale after a day or so, so I would suggest reheating it in a low oven before serving whatever you do with it. I might smear it with chilli/garlic butter first though, to offset the sweetness. Whatever you decide, enjoy.


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