Friday 29 January 2021

What came after


 It's been a tough week. 
Yesterday we all finally exploded and ended up shouting and screaming at each other. There were tears from almost everyone.
It was useful though.
Once everyone was calmed down. Children were cuddled, plied with snacks and given free reign on kindles while DH and I worked out just what on earth we were going to do.
Homeschooling 3 children is hard and we are not coping. I confessed that I felt like I was doing 500 things at once and all of them badly. DH confessed that didnt like being a teacher to our children and wanted to be a Dad again. 
We came to the conclusion that our childrens education is important BUT what they were learning right now wasn't. The lessons being set by the school are ridiculous.
 Does my 8 year really need to know fronted adverbials? 
Should my 10 year old be crying over converted frations?
No, was our answer.
So this morning we told the school we would be focussing on an hour of maths, reading and writing each day. 
Already the older three seem happier and more free.
DD1 looked at newspaper articles and wrote her own article in the same style.
DD2 learned about fractions in the kitchen with a pizza.
DS read a book with his Daddy about dinosaurs and then wrote a little book report about it.
It was good old fashioned fun learning and I honestly think they picked up more today than in the past week.

This afternoon we took 5 cheerful children to the park to burn some energy rather than drag 5 fed up and angry children out before they tried to fight each other.

It felt like freedom.
Long may it continue.

X x X


  1. How sensible! I used to home educate my two children out of choice but we had control over what they learned and when. DS loved history and hated French and we didn't think French was important. DD loved music, played the piano and passed her music theory grade 5 with distinction. They are both avid readers and numerate. DS has aspergers syndrome and DD is hearing impaired and they are both in their 40's now. Enjoy your children while they are still children.

  2. Well done. I home educated my son from 8 to 13. We did a bit of maths, we read lots of books together(He is dyslexic and dyspraxic). He dictated stories as he found writing difficult. We followed his interests as much as possible and were members of a home education group for socialization. He went back to school as he felt it was the right time to do it. He got 9 GCSEs in all academic subjects (his choices) A's and B's. Your children will be fine.

  3. We have all had this foisted upon us but we should do what we think is best for us all. Your little family deserve to be happy so do what you consider is right. I think your way will be the best and whatever they missed they will catch up with later. It makes me sad to think that you ended up like that and that lots of families are probably doing the same.
    Lots and lots of love to you all.

  4. That's the Conservative version of the National Curriculum for you. A lot of teachers share your view but don't have the choice, sadly!

  5. What is a fronted adverbial anyway. I'm 65 and have no idea!
    Thank goodness you have come to a better arrangement. Have a good weekend

  6. So true! I think children nowadays are primed from an early age for university:( Well done, keep it up. I used to take DS for educational walks, from about 3 and give him a list of 10 things to find. They could be different leaves, small stones, twigs from different trees. Or 10 things to look at. We would then draw or discuss what they were etc.

  7. i've never heard of a fronted adverbial !! x

  8. I'm sure your children will be fine without trying to follow the teaching plan. Teachers are in a difficult position as some parents want hours of lesson plans and some are happy to do as you are doing. The main thing is to keep the family happy.

  9. I am in the same boat - three children at home, the youngest primary age and needing me sat with her. Funnily enough fronted adverbials and converting fractions have cropped up for us this week! I have no idea what a fronted adverbial is - they didn't exist when I was at school, we just had nouns, verbs, adjectives etc - god knows who came up with all these new things! We just take it slowly, one day at a time, and I try not to think of all the weeks still ahead of us. We take the scooters out every day and call at our local park and that is the best bit of the day - fresh air and exercise.


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