Sunday 3 January 2021

Lavender loveliness

I've been given a large bag of dried lavender to be creative with. My first thoughts are Mothering Sunday gifts. 
I've found a few ideas on Pinterest that I'm going to try out over the next few days. 
As the children are back at school tomorrow I've mainly focussed on spending some time with them. I'm suspicious they won't be in school for very long though, I think we may all be locked back indoors together soon enough.
DH popped to Asda with girls for some winter school shoes. £15 each! I really miss the charity shops when we take a money hit like that. If the February swap meet goes ahead I will certainly be adding shoes to my hunting list.
Tomorrow I will be spending the morning giving the ground floor a good blitz. It'll be bliss to do it with a few less children underfoot. Baby C isn't on the move just yet and is content to sit and watch me work. DD3 can be distracted with crayons, paper and little jobs to "help".




  1. Useful tip - make little bags from jcloths or nappy liners and fill them with lavender. Then make the fancy outer bags and pop them in. One afternoon producing a stack of these "sachets" means the assembly of the final bags is a lot less messy.

  2. My friend crochet a heart in mauve and filled it with dried lavender as a gift for me. Primary schools staying shut here as we are in tier 4.


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