Tuesday 26 January 2021

Community pantry


Eastleigh recently opened its first community pantry recently. I heard about it last week on facebook and decided to investigate.
The pantry works by giving each family a number of different colour tokens for a suggested donation of £5.
I was given 8 blue tokens and 2 red tokens.
As you can see they stretch pretty well with a little thoughtful planning.

My red tokens purchased; 

 10 chicken drumsticks  
500gm of pork mince.

My blue tokens purchased;

Fresh mushrooms and carrots (2 for 1)
Sweede and onion (2 for 1)
Tinned sweetcorn and mushroom soup (2 for 1)
2 x tinned tomatoes  (2 for 1)
1 bottle of cooking oil
1 jar of bolognaise sauce
1 packet of gingernut biscuits 
10 microwave meals (10 for 1)

Free items;

2 pots of liver.

The microwave meals are small child sized so DD3 and Gman will be having hot lunches for a few days. The meals are mixture of mac n cheese and arribiata pasta. 

This weeks meal plan will include;

Spaghetti bolognese 
Chicken stew (slow cooker)
Sweet and sour chicken (slow cooker)
Liver and bacon pie
Mushroom and sweetcorn pasta bake

Sounds like a tasty week 

X x X


  1. That sounds tasty. What a good idea.

  2. It sounds like a good scheme - are these items near use-by dates or something like that? I like reading about these great local schemes for reducing waste and helping those who need a bit of support.


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