Saturday 9 January 2021

Foodie day


We were given some more goodies via Olio this morning. The lady who was offering them lived within walking distance so I popped DD3 and Baby C in the buggy for some fresh air. The roads were very quiet but the pavements were full of dog walkers enjoying the winter sun.
Our goodies today included petit pains, beetroot salad, shredded ham and more corn bread. As you can see most of it turned into a very tasty pizza bread lunch. 
The rest of the beetroot salad I steamed for a few minutes before blending it into mush and hiding it in some bolognese sauce. 
Tomorrow I will tackle the cornbread. It's proven unpopular with the children in its raw state so I will try dressing it up somehow.

Gman spent the afternoon giving his dinosaurs a bath. I asked if he wanted to have a bath with them but apparently that's weird 😂. All of his dinosaurs are now squeaky clean, lovingly towelled dry and popped into his bed to warm up.

Tonight will be spent trying to rehome the last of the TT donations before a fresh load arrives tomorrow.
It's a good thing i like to stay busy 😂

X x X


  1. Corn bread is something you either love or hate. Maybe try it with some gravy? It's meant to go with a meat dinner not be eaten alone.

  2. We like a little honey on our cornbread. It seems like it would almost choke you otherwise, unless it's very moist. Ranee (MN)

  3. Gman bathing his dinosaurs is adorable xx

  4. Hi this is a bit late for the cornbread but you might have some more! I was about to say what about “eggy bread” when this came up in my email.*adhoc*mar*tec*MIX_CONTENTNL_20_46_06&utm_medium=email&utm_source=adhoc&utm_campaign=tec*MIX_CONTENTNL_20_46_06


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