Friday 8 January 2021

Getting on with it

It's been pretty wild but I think we are finally settling into a new routine of home education, toddler wrangling, baby appeasing and housework. 
At 9am each weekday morning there is a virtual registration where almost 30 children wave, shout, squeak and drop at each other while the teacher looks very harrassed and marks everyone present on the register. After that you can do your online work in whatever order you please as long as its submitted by 2pm.
We have learnt the following things;

* NEVER teach them all the same lesson at the same time! It's almost impossible to help with three separate types of maths at the same time.

* Leave their favourite lesson till last or they will loose interested in finishing all the other bits first.

* Work out who can do what independently.
DD1 needs 1:1 help with maths, but reads very well. DD2 adores maths but struggles with reading comprehension, DS can play the phonics games independently but needs help reading tasks. 

* If all else fails bribery, currently with a small bowl of Rainbow drops, can usually do the trick!

In other news the washing machine has been repaired. £75 including parts, labour and call out charge. The man that did the repair was very efficient and had the whole thing done in just under 30 minutes. I will be keeping his phone number on standby for any other appliance problems in the future.

I recieved my first Treasured Trash drop off this morning to. Our area co-ordinator had quarentined the bags for 48 hours in her garage first which was very thoughtful of her. It was mostly 4 black sacks filled with children's toys and books. I've grouped bits together and listed it mostly on Olio and Free pages on Facebook. Almost 65 listings all together but a lot of it has already gone or been arranged for collection. 
One of the treasures I found was a handknitted mermaid blanket.

The sparkly teal and lilac yarn is divine! Someone must have spend a very long time knitting this bad boy. DD1 said she liked the yarn but didn't need another mermaid blankets. So tonights job is to unravel it back into a ball and then turn it into a crochet dress that I spotted on Pinterest.
 I feel like it will be just the right sort of busy work to be doing while watching When calls the heart. 

Do you think the wives and mothers of Coal Valley would approve of recycling old knitted items in new ones? They seem a resourceful and thrifty bunch to me.

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  1. Yes, definitely, those wives and mothers would definitely have approved of your recycling ways !! Lovely to hear someone else likes 'When calls the heart' !


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