Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Tuesday's Pantry visit

Tuesday's are fast becoming my favourite day of the week! 

This weeks blue token deal was for a selection of store cupboard fillers.

Tea bags



Wheat biscuits (not pictured)

Selection of tins.

My other blue token paid for 1kg of Dominos  chicken. I think it's what they use to top the pizzas but I think it might be nice added to pasta or rice. 

My red tokens;

2x Richmond sausages

2x frankfurter hotdogs

4x hot cross buns

2x baked beans

2x mushroom soup

2x sweetcorn 

2x chopped tomatoes 

1x bolognese sauce

Free items;


2x enchilada mix sachets

2x salsa

2x liver

2x dairy free coconut yoghurt

  Some new things for us all to try this week. My mission for the week is to clear out the freezer a bit. My brother is moving home and has offered us some freezer food to save him relocating it. At the moment it wouldn't fit so making space is our main priority.

 X x X


  1. I'm not sure what the 'blue token' is but it seems worthwhile.

  2. Do you know Jack Monroes book Tin Can Cook? I did the corned beef chili from it yesterday. Its brilliant for inspiration when you have random tins

  3. Jack Monroes recipes are here https://cookingonabootstrap.com/
    I use them, often

  4. The coconut yogurt is nice. Much like dairy yogurt. The soya yogurt's I've tried are foul.


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