Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Community pantry


 This weeks meal option at the community pantry was for a fry up. Sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. We were give double portions of everything as a large family. 

Apologies for the terrible photo. I didnt realise it was that blurry until I uploaded it 🙈

My remaining blue token was swapped for a bag of frozen sausages.

The red tokens;

1x hunters chicken cooking sauce
1x bolognese sauce
1x box of cereal
2x mushroom soup
1x roulade cheese
1x ice cream tub
1x mixed pretzals tray
2x cucumbers

Free items;

1x enourmous onion
1x butternut squash
1x enourmous broccoli 
1x bag of apples
3x leeks
2x pots of liver
1x wedge of hard cheese

 A very nice haul that will make some very tasty food. 
This afternoon will be spent finding recipe ideas. 

X x X


  1. What a good idea and what a lot of tasty food you get for your tokens. The only thing I would struggle with is the liver!

  2. How lovely - happy recipe hunting. xx


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