Saturday 31 January 2015

We've arrived the other side :)

DD was a lot better the next day after a good night sleep.  Her school.request they are clear for 48 hours before returning so she was home Tuesday and Wednesday.  We entertained ourselves with jigsaw puzzles, indoor camping and Disney films.

Of course 
 the occasional nap was squeezed into our busy schedule. I was quite tempted to and join her.
 We made the downstairs toilet " infection central". It seems to have worked well as thanks to minimal cross contact and gallons of anti-bac no one else has become sick, and I'm feeling pretty darn proud of that. The bug is still working it's way through the school and I'm hoping she is now immune, we had a good talk about germs and hand washing though to be safe.
 Now we are a caught up and back to routine.

X x x


  1. It's a bleeuchy thing! I'm almost better but I'm not very attracted to food at the moment!

  2. how sweet to camp indoor and have those special moments to share....hope no one else get the bug


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