Friday 16 January 2015

From drab to fab.

Do you remember last year when I showed you my bathroom during the house tour?
The stunning painted tiles, and mouldy grouting?  Let's face it no one was jealous lol

So what would you say now? Baring in mind it isn't finished yet of course. But the new tiles are up and nearly all grouted. Our lovely framed mirror is hung, along with new shower attachments. The fixings for the shower rail are up ready (we will put the bar back once we're finished around the bath)
 Our next aim is to paint the magnolia walls a periwinkle blue, and look for some cheap packs of laminate flooring (we're guessing two boxes should do it) 
 We have a loo roll holder to put up and want to change the taps on the sink to match the bath. I'm hunting for a light shade/cover to match the room to.
 Then it's onto the fun bits like storage boxes and new towels etc.

 I  can't wait to see it all finished!

X x X


  1. Periwinkle blue sounds a lovely colour. We have large tiles in the bathroom too, a rather uninspiring beige but nice all the same.

  2. Bathroom looks lovely we found some cheap laminate in b&m if you have one near you it was about £11 a pack for 2.5 sqm x


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