Saturday 10 January 2015

Upcycle Saturday

While washing up this morning I noticed a crack in the bottom of my favourite Cath kidston mug. One slight tap with a nail later It had broken :(

But rather than just bung it in the bin I filled it with compost, and rehomed my celery from it's jam jar on the windowsill. Until my plant has I
it's spring growth spurt I can still enjoy my mug for a few more weeks. 

I also refilled the girls sticking box. DDs school send home letters almost daily with dates and announcements. The letters are usually on pastel colour paper and only printed one side so once they are no longer needed I've been chopping them up into squares and triangles for craft time. 

Small things but every penny soon adds up right?
What have you upcycled lately folks,  drop me a comment and let me know. 
X x x

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