Wednesday 14 January 2015

The girls have an announcement

II'm sure you can guess the big news from the photo (just!). Baby Random 3 is officially a boy and from what we saw on the scan he's pretty proud of it. The sonographer said they never garentee the gender from a scan but if she was a betting lady her money would be pretty safe. Sounds good enough to me!
We ttook the girls to McDonald's for a treat and told them together before anyone else.  Then popped over the road from the restaurant to buy something blue for the baby together. We couldn't resist the little brother tshirt for the photo announcement. 

And here he is. Looking happy,  healthy and wiggly. He's also sucking his fist which the girls both did from birth. 
Annoyingly I was right all along about my placenta being in the front as I've yet to feel any kicks but I can feel him somersaulting and see him changing position by watching my belly. Hopefully in time it will move up and I will get some nudges.

X x X


  1. When is baby boy due
    . Can I make him a quilt ?

    1. He's expected mid may. Seems like it's racing towards us now Christmas is finished with.
      You very kindly made me a quilt when Baby D was born and I would gratefully receive one for our new arrival.
      X x

  2. That's wonderful news I bet the girls are so excited x

  3. What an important job your lovely girls will have as Big Sisters to a Little Brother!

  4. Fantastic news, although I can never understand those photographs!! (my grandaughter looked like an alien!!)

  5. That's lovely news, I bet you are all so excited. x

  6. What lovely news, and isn't it great that the girls are so happy and excited about it all. I am very happy for all of you,

    Michelle, downunder in Wellington, NZ

  7. p.s. I hope BD's first day at preschool went well, and that Mummy wasn't too upset after leaving BD there. XXX Michelle


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