Saturday 3 January 2015

Starting to plan for our new arrival

 Maybe it's just the Brit in me, but I do love a good pudding. Your can't get much simpler and tastier than a good old fruit crumble with lashings of cream or custard (or both!).
 I found half a dozen plums in the fruit bowl looking a bit sad from Christmas, so sliced them up small with a few handfuls of blackberries from the freezer stash. Add in a few simple ingredients and a healthy dose of topping and you've made a pudding for pennies.
I had enough to make two good sized crumbles, so one has been frozen down ready for later in the year when Baby R has arrived and we can no longer remember our own names let alone cook for ourselves. I'm planning to double batch every time I bake or cook something worth while freezer so we gradually build up a stash for May and beyond.

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