Sunday 4 January 2015

Prepping for back to school Monday.

 Today I have been prepping for tomorrows return to school. I started by making a fresh batch of homemade detangler spray. I added a few drops of tea tree oil to it again to try and discourage any nits from paying us a visit. Touch wood this has worked well for us since preschool!

 I've cleared out DD's school bag ready for the new year. No more collections of sticks, feathers, random sequins or shiny things. I've also washed her winter coat over the holidays so it's nice and fresh for the winter weather. 

I have hunted down all the componants to build a PE kit and hung the completed kit on the door handle so we don't forget it.

Tomorrow's clothes have been laid out ready for  the morning ready. Nothing worse than a missing sock or school top when your already ten minutes late!

And finally I've given DD a good soaking in the bath, complete with hairwash. We busted out the new Frozen bubble bath and magic flannel from Christmas.


In for a penny.... as they say, Baby D got given a good soaking too!
Just a good night sleep and some tooth scrubbing left to do, and we are all set for the morning :)

x x x


  1. I hope the new term goes well xx

  2. I need to do this too today- although it is only me back tomorrow. How do you make the detangling spray?

  3. Launchpad totally ready - Flylady would be proud of you!

  4. Being organised with school stuff is being kind to your self ! As you said it's stressful running late and trying to find a lost item! Hope you get a chance to put your feet up one you have done the school run .

  5. Many of those things happened in my home tomorrow. After a two week break it back to the routine tomorrow. Wishing you the best getting back into the school time routine!


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