Friday 2 January 2015

Shining my sink

 It's been a quiet day in after yesterdays adventures. I've spent most of it in the kitchen and resting my sore ankles on the sofa. the know will understand why I'm showing off my shiny sink. I've been washing and drying throughout the day rather than letting it build up. I've gotten in the habit of doing it once a day when the kids are in bed.
 Today I have enjoyed the extra 20 minutes of "me" time by starting on my first New Years resolution.
 This year I've decided to keep it slow and steady by challenging myself to;

 * read 12 books in 2015
 * visit 12 new places
 * try 12 new recipes
 * complete 12 knitting or crochet projects

  What are your resolutions this year?

X x x


  1. ah, I have been there with the 'shining the sink' I started this a few years ago. I am lapsed maybe I should find the website and start again- some very good habits to get into.

  2. I hope you also dressed to hair, face and shoes. Well, somebody ought to and that won't be me!


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