Thursday 8 January 2015

Thursday adventures

I found myself child free today between 9 and 3. I can't remember the last time I had so much time to spend with only myself for company.  It certainly felt rather odd!
I had a lovely morning with my crafting friends at knit and natter. Followed by Welsh Rarebit at a local tea room.  It was quite novel to eat it hot and all to myself :)

I had a nice afternoon mooch about the shop looking for ideas for finishing off our new bathroom. I was on the hunt for navy and white striped towels but I had no luck. I will have to go into a bigger town centre I think to find them. 
I did like the chrome shower holder set above though.

And I managed 
to squeeze in a quick visit to my favourite chazza.  Just in time to snap up this cute alphabet blanket. It looks brand new and handmade so I snapped it up for the hefty sum of £1!  On closer inspection once home it has a tiny hole in each corner so I suspect it was used as a wall hanging in its previous home. I've tucked it away in my baby stash for now,  I think the colours are neutral enough for either sex.

X x X

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  1. That is a lovely blanket. Make the most of the child-free time - it'snot going to last!


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