Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy 2015 to one and all!

Happy New Year everyone.  Our celebrations were quiet this year owing to pregnancy and man flu in the Random household. We did wake up at midnight and watched a few fireworks from the bedroom window but that is as exciting as it got. 

 Today we celebrated the first day of the new year with us three girls visiting our local aquarium. OH was working 11-5 in a store so we took the opportunity to travel together rather than spend extra money on transport. 
 I packed us all a lunch and some drinks from home, which added to our free entrance (special thanks to Aunty C for her xmas gift) made for a frugal day out.

It was a pretty quiet day in the aquarium with only a handful of visitors which meant all the staff were happy to chat about the animals they care for. DD was even allowed to help feed some of the tanks.  We also watched most of next feedings and talks throughout the visit.
 What a great start to our 2015

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