Friday 8 June 2012

World's happiest OH

 My lovely hubby is the world's happiest bunny today, just as I started writing my post from yesterday we had a knock at the door, it  was a courier with OH's new arsenal goodies.
 Normally their new shirt comes out a little closer to his birthday in August but for some reason it's earlier this year. But look at his beaming smile, he is so happy posing in his new top. He wanted to wear it to work today but I've hidden it so I can give it a wash first. In the past his new shirts have had a lot of dye left in them and he went pretty pink after the first wearing.
He also added this little romper suit and bib set for our impending arrival. When we found out we were having DD he ran out and brought her a little arsenal baby outfit almost straight away so I just knew he would do it with this one as well.
And a special free gift for preordering his shirt. In the new arsenal colour scheme and just the right size.......

for DD to toddle around with. OH already has a big backpack he uses for work so she took great delight in wearing the new backpack and acting just like daddy. I don't think OH has Peppa Pig toys in his bag like she does but I can't be sure lol.

x x x x


  1. They do say [but I don't think it is always 100% successful] that if you put a cup of white vinegar in the first wash, it helps 'set' the dye.
    blessings x

  2. Oooh, how cute is this! LOVE that smile and congratulations on your new baby to come, xo


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