Sunday 17 June 2012

C-word prep.

Peppa Pig book  £2 - Peppa Pig bath toy BNWT £2 - Peppa Pig colouring set £1 - Peppa Pig dress (argos) £4.99

  I know it's only June but already we are thinking about the C word sneaking closer. This year I am determined to be even more organised than usual. So we have started looking out for present bargains to pick up for DD and bump.
 Yesterday while charity shopping I picked up some of the things above. The book, bath toy and colouring set all look brand new. The bath toy still has its original tag and the colouring set is unopened. Well worth £5 all together for a local charity. Looking up on Amazon and Ebay most of these items would fetch around £5 each to buy new so I'm very pleased.
 The dress is size 3-4 years and was part of a clearance sale at Argos for just £4.99. Originally it was £7.99 which is about the same price as the Peppa Pig outfits we were looking at in Mr.A. It is a tradition in my family that you get a new outfit at Christmas and this is something I want to continue with my children. I was really pleased to find it half price!

 Not a big post from me today I'm afraid. DD and I will be spoiling Daddy with presents, card, kisses and nummy treats all day for Fathers Day. I will be blogging it later or tomorrow morning depending on time so be prepared for a Daddy themed post soon.
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