Sunday 3 June 2012

Car boot goodies

                                                      Notebook - £1.50   Xstich kit - 10p

Well, after a misty and murky start the day has turned out to be lovely for a car boot sale. By selling odds and ends including DD old clothes and toys we made just over £70 towards our holiday spending pennys. We tried to reign ourselves in and not bring home more than we took by buying everything and I think we have done it well.
 I picked up a new notebook for jotting down all my blogging ideas, and a lovely little cross stitch kit which kept me pretty occupied on our stall. I might take one in my handbag to future sales as it was perfect to pick up and put down,
 3 DVD'S - £1 each

We have been looking out for Stuart Little after DD loved it on Sky Movies the other day so find the first two films was pretty good. The Chip n Dale set is more for OH and me, it's a bit of nostalgia from our childhoods that we can share with DD.
 2x Peppa Pig play sets - £2 each.

Since the second we gave them to her DD hasn't stopped kissing, hugging and playing with them. I can't believe how pristine they are, when the woman who was selling said they'd been constantly played with by her twins.

Peppa Pig dress - 50p  Lola trousers - 50p

 And last but not least a few new additions to DD's wardrobe. Both are sized 2-3yrs so will be useful for a fair while. They are in the washing machine already and with this gorgeous weather I wouldn't be surprised if DD is wearing one of them tomorrow.
 We had so much fun today that we might be doing it all again tomorrow. If the weather is nice we will try our luck at another car boot sale as we have plenty left to sell, if not we will have a lovely lie in. Fingers crossed we can get out there and make some more pennys for the seaside.

x x x

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