Monday 4 June 2012

Car Boot sale 2

 So today was our second car boot in 2 days. I'm feeling the burn this afternoon I can assure you, but it has cleared out so much junk and made us just over £100 all together. This morning was overcast with a very cold wind so DD spend most her time in the car with one or the other of us pretending to drive, and waving to random people passing by.
 As the morning went on it got quite busy but as you can see the sky remained very heavy.
 Peppa Pig toy - £1
 Not many bargains to be found this morning but we did manage to snaffle this Peppa pig learning toy, it makes all kinds of noises on each of the different modes and DD was enthralled for hours with it

2 Jodi Picoult book - £1 each  Penguin book - 50p

The Picoult books are to put away for our holiday, I love her easy to read style and they will be perfect for the beach and long lazy evenings. The penguin book is part of the That's not my ..... series. We have several in the series already and DD really enjoys them.

TellyTubby toy - 10p Peppa Pig figures - 25p each

 And finally 3 little toys for the little sweetie. She spotted Po all by herself on one of our many walks around the other stalls. The Peppa's were spotted by Daddy and you can imagine just how well they have gone down with DD. They are the perfect size for throwing in her backpack for days out, clever daddy.

 My plans for the afternoon are to have a nap, finished the last few bits on the cross stitch from yesterday and start planning my entry for The summer of colour 2012. Tomorrow we are having a Jubilee trip out with nanny and grandad to the beach and then building a den for Finding Fun.
Busy busy busy.
x x x

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  1. We did a car boot last week with old kids toys and clothes and did over a £100 too, not bad for a few hours work!


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