Wednesday 6 June 2012

Finding Fun Week 6 - Rainy Days and Sunny Days.

  *Sniff..... It's the final week of Finding Fun. But it is certainly going out with a bang with this weeks suggestions being the best yet!!! Today is definitely a rainy day at Frugal HQ so we moved the making a den suggestion into the kitchen.

First we put the big airer into a semi circle, and then stood the A frame airer in the gap as an entrance tunnel.
Then we covered the whole thing a some big blankets that we usually use to cover the sofa, but somehow building our den was more important lol. Once it was built we popped some pillows and cushions inside to make it comfortable. And climbed on in.

 Once Mummy had snuggled in, DD moved all her most important things into her new home such as her drink, a half eaten biscuit, dolly and dolly's carrier. It was a little bit of a squeeze but with some rearranging we all managed to fit in.

It was so cozy and comfy in fact that DD happily nodded off for a while, and I took the opportunity to pop our adventures on here. Carolyn I never thought for a moment that by week six of Finding Fun I would be blogging from inside a homemade tent in my kitchen. I really hope that there is Finding Fun 3 being planned somewhere, I would quite happily do this again :) Thank you for 6 weeks of fun and entertainment.
And thank you to everyone else who entered this year, I have loved reading all your adventures over the weeks and seeing what everyone got up to with each theme.

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  1. The picture of baby asleep in the den is priceless!
    Jane x

  2. Oh what fun you certainly found some FUN this week. BJ


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