Thursday 14 June 2012

Getting busy

  Sorry I've been AWOL on the blog posts for a bit. OH and I have been hugely busy in our shop these last few days. I wouldn't usually post much about our business on here as I like this to be a family life blog. When you are self employed it can be extremely difficult to keep a firm boundary between home life and work life. Sometimes one just has to win out over the other and just lately the shop won. So above is picture of all my hard work for two days. Every single game (63) in this display cupboard has been checked over, cleaned, listed online for sale, priced up and arranged in this cupboard by little old me. I'm pretty sick of seeing SNES games at this point and I just know I'm going to dream of them chasing me all night lol.

 However the box they all arrived in has been cleaned out (lots of cobwebs) and given new purpose by DD. She has such a fascination with boxes at the moment and just can't resist climbing into every one she sees.
  I think sorting out all those games would have driven me quite mad if it hadn't been for my little helper giving me regular cuddles and telling on an almost minute by minute timescale if a man or woman was walking passed the shop window.
 Today OH's mum is coming down to visit us again but I haven;t a clue what we will end up doing. It usually involves food though lol. Best start getting ready.

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  1. Boxes........i don't know why we bother buying toys for the children when they much prefer the boxes!


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