Thursday 21 June 2012

Good days and Bad days.

  Sorry for the lack of posts lately this week has quite honestly been the week from hell!!!
So  it made my day to receive this lovely parcel above from the wonderful Frugal Queen. I was hoping it would arrive before we went on holiday because I am a girl of little patience and wanted to dive into my goodies lol.
 So let's take a look at these lovely goodies eh?

A beautiful set of hanging kitchen utensils, and a gorgeous condiments set from the same range. A quick peek on the company's website tells me that I have nearly £150 of top quality prize here! 
I have rewrapped all the contents lovingly and popped them to one side so I can sort them out properly after our holidays.
 And as a bonus DD has a lovely new pile of bubble wrap type packing to play with.
And a lovely new box to sit in! Excuse her being in a top and nappy in this picture, we had great fun splashing in all the puddles on our route home and she needed stripping the second we got in the door.

And finally the reason my week has been rubbish! I can't say much for various legal reasons but I can tell you that it wasn't a robbery (although most people have already decided that it was lol) it was a traffic accident. No one was hurt and the only damage other than the window was a few hours of lost sleep early on a Monday morning. Thankfully everything has been organised quickly and we have had a new window put in and all the various paperwork completed with just 48 hours spare till our holiday.
 I definitely need to go away now! My brother and his partner are flat sitting and pet sitting while we are away so if there is any issues they can get in contact with us quickly and deal with things on our behalf.

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  1. So glad they arrived and can be of good use to you, poxy about the shop!

    froogs xxx

  2. How frustrating to have an 'incident' just before you go on holiday. But how lovely to get that splendid parcel from Froogs.
    You go and enjoy yourselves [and I shall do Mr Linky for you on Monday!]

    blessings x


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