Friday 1 June 2012

Friday Fun

 Can you guess what we are making from these ingredients?
 Peppermint cream :) I kept meaning to try this recipe out for a while now, so I can perfect it in time for Christmas. Just as well as although it came out lovely and dough like, it soon melted into gloop. Tasty though.
 Anya is feeling much better and eating again. Even if it is only the butter she licks off her crackers lol.
And our home school wall for week 2 is finished. I will review it on my home school page in just a mo, but over all it's been another successful week.
 Our plans today are to hit not one but two Jubilee events and take part in some free crafts that are going on in our home town. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you shortly.
x x x


  1. This is bizarre - on my blog-dashboard I have all the text for the above post- but cannot find it on this page.
    Glad to read there that Anya has her appetite back.
    enjoy all your jubilee events xx

    1. Thanks for the heads up Angela, the site that hosts my original blog background have taken it down. So my background was plain black just like my text lol.
      I have a swanky new one now, do you like?
      x x x


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