Tuesday 30 October 2018

Use it or loose it

I need to make some room on the bookshelf for some new books I recieved for my birthday.
The photo above is a set I was given last Christmas and still haven't read! So I'm giving myself the challenge to donate them just before Christmas whether I've read them or not.
I'm hoping it'll encourage me to put my phone down more as well as clearing some space.

Do you have anything left from last Christmas you haven't used yet?

X x X

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  1. I've plenty of scented candles I've not used yet! I actually love them but never remember to light 'em! And I'm at that age where candles and toiletries are the default gift!
    I've also got a model-theatre-in-a-box kit to build. I got it in July for my birthday and haven't started it yet. I'm keen to do it but trying to finish a cross stitch first!


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