Wednesday 31 October 2018

Halloween dinner

We wanted to surprise the children with a fun Halloween themed dinner before they went out to go trick or  treating.
I decorated the table with brown packing  paper saved from amazon orders and decorated my cake stand with mini donuts, Halloween themed sweets and small plastic insects.
DH put the disco bulb up and found a playlist of kid friendly Halloween songs to play as we ate.

For our main meal we had pumpkin burgers, which are regular burgers with american style cheese squares on top. DH did all the cutting out while I set the table. We served them on burger buns and let the children turn them into gruesome faces by using ketchup to decorate them.
We finished the meal by pulling Halloween crackers together, I found a five pack in Poundland and just couldn't resist them.
All in all its been a cheap and cheerful Halloween.

How did your Halloween go?

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  1. Brilliant Grandparents, I bet the kids loved that.

  2. Squirrels ate our jackolanterns. Partly. Before Hallowe'en night. That's the last time I leave the carved pumpkins outside in the run up to Hallowe'en! (Well, you did ask!)


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