Tuesday 23 October 2018

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday we attended a film morning at a local church. It was a great turn out and the children behaved really well during the film. So well in fact that I treated us all to a cake in the little bakery on route home.

We collected leaves during our walk home and had fun trying some leaf maths. You have to solve the sum, multiplication question or just ID the number written on the leaf and hole-punch the correct number of holes. Everybody enjoyed giving it a go.

Today we've been enjoying nature again by going on a Welly-walk with Little Thrivers, our Tuesday morning group. Each of the children attending was given a bag to collect "treasures" in and off we went into the trees, and occasionall up them! 
I was very grateful to my mum who agreed to come with us as DH was working and watching 4 small children is hard enough without adding woodland into the equation.
The three eldest all came home with bags full of leafs, feathers, sticks and pinecones to proudly show Grandad. 

I can't wait to see what tomorrow might bring!

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