Friday 26 October 2018

Off on our jollys

It's time for our annual Sun holiday. 
So far we've survived the drive down, the fight over bedrooms and found the nearest supermarket for toast supplies and teabags.
 Every one was allowed to pack a backpack to take with them. DD1 packed a colouring book, pencil case and diary. Gman stuffed his backpack with toy cars and a colouring book. 
DD2 packed a loaf of bread! Which she'd eaten most off by the time we arrived! 
Luckily the children were given colouring sets with crayons inside as a welcome gift to the park , so she has something to starve off boardom.

Wish me luck it could be a long weekend!

X x X


  1. Have a lovely weekend. I'm with DD2!

  2. I have been there! Stay sane and have fun!

  3. Exciting weekend for you all. Hope you have a great time.


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