Tuesday 16 October 2018

Beach memory box frame

About a week or so ago I bought a really pretty box frame from one of the little charity shops by DH's workplace. I'd been looking out for a box frame for a little while with this project in mind. I'd seen some similar ideas on Pinterest.
For 75p I snapped it up quickly. First I carefully took it apart and cleaned the frame and glass.

Then I smiled politely at my dad who kindly printed a photo out for me on his super-duper printer. I popped the photo into the box frame background.
Then I hunted down the jam jar of beach combed treasures from the same holiday the photo was from. I added a few shells, a sprinkle of sand and a few pretty stones to the frame. 
Then I clipped it back together and voila, a pretty memory frame to hang in our new home.

Not bad for a 75p outlay!

X x X


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