Friday 19 October 2018

Snuggly Winter knits

The colder weather is definitely drawing in although the afternoons are still reasonably warm and bright, the mornings are decidedly nippy. All three eldest children have complained of cold ears and fingers more than once so it was time to get knitting.
A quick hunt on Ravelry found a unisex hat pattern for free. I used this one.

For the mittens I used this pattern, also a freebie. 
The cuffs of each hat and mitten set are a different colour to avoid squabbles and confusion.
Blue for Gman, Pink for DD2 and Purple for DD1. 
They knitted up in next to no time and used up some spare scrap yarn I had laying around from previous projects so they weren't only free but stash busting too! 
Now do I hide them away for Crimbo gifts or give them to the children now? 
I think I might hide them for now but if we get a big cold snap I can bring them out early.

What winter preps have you made recently?

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  1. What beautiful, fun colours. And a your colour coding is a great idea. Please remember to make something fun for yourself too! Michelle in Wellington, NZ.


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