Thursday 18 October 2018

Car boot bargains

On a Thursday there is a little car boot sale in the town centre. Seeing as it's Gman's day half day at preschool there isn't much point in me going home between dropping off and picking everyone up so I've been using thursday afternoons as my charity shop mooching day. 
Today I was lucky enough to find several bargains between the two.
Help the Aged had this beautiful Laura Ashley baby set for £4.99 a complete steal as it was BNWT!

I found a sock bunny kit for DD2 for £1, it'll be added to her Christmas stash.
2 graphic novels for me that looked interesting for £2.50
A nanoblocks kit for 50p which I'm hoping to resell at a profit on Ebay or somewhere similar.

And finally the most amazing Gruffalo onesie EVER! DD2 instantly fell in love with it, I don't want to think about the coming arguement at bedtime when she'll need to take it off!
 But a very well spent 50p I think you'll agree

 What bargains have you found today?

 X x x

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  1. There's nothing as good as bargain, it makes my day. Sadly our carboot is coming to and end and I'll have to wait right round until March next year.


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