Sunday 14 October 2018

Soggy Sunday

We have had one of the soggiest and fun days out ever today. We've been planning to go to Paultons park for a few weeks now. DD2 wanted to go as a treat for her birthday but it's been a huge pain to schedule.  Today was the day however and we work up to grey and miserable rain. 
Our luck was in though as they day cleared up as it went along, and the rain had scared away all but the most die hard theme park fans.

We enjoyed many more rides than usual as we were able to just walk onto most of them. We also watched part of the Halloween stage show and walked through the spooky Boo Barn.
We all came home feeling quite damp and chilly so I rustled up a few rounds of cheese and ham toasties while DH found everyone warm and snuggly pyjamas to change into. 
My evening plans are watching Netflix in bed while drinking tea and knitting Christmas gifts.

X x X

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